Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Review of CelleĀ® Loaded Chair

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

The Celle Chair

It's a work chair like no other. Only Celle (pronounced sell'-a) has Cellular Suspension, a patented system of cells and loops that flexes in con...

Way overrrated -- don't buy it

By Greg from Vermont on 7/3/2007


1out of 5

Pros: Comfortable

Cons: Not Ergonomic, Lacks forward tilt, Unattractive Design, No forward tilt

Best Uses: Not worth the money

Describe Yourself: Quality Oriented

Primary use of this product: Business

CSN ripped me off on this chair. The chair they send is not "loaded" and lacks forward tilt (even tho the tag hanging froim the chair, when it arrived, says it HAS forward tilt). CSN refused to offer any discount on the return. I won't do busines with CSN as a result.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How CSN Stores Ripped Me off

Short version:

Don't ever do business with CSN Stores.

I bought a $650 chair from them by ordering it on the phone, after carefully researching all its features. When this "fully loaded" chair arrived it was not as described. In fact, it was lacking the "forward tilt" feature that is clearly described on the chair's website. That feature was even on the list of adjustments ATTACHED TO THE ACTUAL CHAIR. But it's nowhere to be found in reality, only in CSN's imagination.

So you would think that they would return the chair, given that it's not what they sold me, right? Wrong.

Instead, the company wants to charge me more than $100 to return it to them. Or -- get this -- they'll give me a few bucks back if I agree to spend MORE money with them.

Having spent an hour with them on the phone, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and gotten absolutely no satisfaction, I've decided to go public.

Should you ever need furniture, I can strongly recommend against doing business with CSN. And BTW, as I have just discovered, you can get high-quality chairs a lot cheaper on eBay. That's even more reason not to do business with ripoff artists.

Longer version:

See below for my letter to CSN.

June 5, 2007

CSN Stores
800 Boylston St, Suite 2600
Boston, Mass. 02199

RE: Request for Reimbursement of Shipping and Restocking Charges

Dear Mr. M(deleted):

I am writing to request that CSN reimburse me for the return-shipping and restocking charges regarding my purchase and return of a defective Herman Miller Celle "fully loaded" chair. I purchased this chair on the phone on May 31 or June 1. The chair arrived on Saturday, June 2. Order number is 2793788. In trying to resolve my complaint, I have dealt with your sales rep, Crystal, who was helpful, and with a manager, Adam, who refused my request despite an hour of discussions.

First, let me say that I received excellent initial service from a sales representative, Allison, when I ordered the chair. In fact, the service was so good that I asked for to transfer me to her boss, so I could leave a voicemail complimenting her service, which I did.

But when I received the chair, it was defective and not as described. Here is why I think you should refund the shipping and restocking charges to me:

The "fully loaded" Celle chair that was delivered to me lacks the "forward tilt" control function. This is important to me because I am partially disabled and need forward tilt function to be able to type while sitting in the chair. Prior to buying this chair from CSN, I carefully researched my purchase, including looking at the Herman Miller website where the fully loaded chair is described in more detail than is available on the CSN website. The Herman Miller site specifically describes and has a video for the forward tilt function.

Moreover, the chair you sent me has a printed explanation of its features attached to it. Among those features is the forward tilt function.

Imagine my surprise when I found that function was not actually on the chair you delivered to me. I have carefully checked the actual chair against the video on the Herman Miller site and against the chair info on the CSN website.

Despite detailed discussions with Adam, he has refused to cover shipping charges to return the defective chair. Moreover, he would only refund me 12% of the purchase price of the chair IF I agreed to buy another chair from CSN.

I've spent an hour negotiating to receive this inadequate offer -- and I've dealt with Adam's refusal on behalf of your company to cover the charges I incurred for purchasing this defective,-not-as-described chair.

As a result, I've concluded that my receiving fair reimbursement for the charges I incurred on this defective product should not be contingent upon my spending more money with your company.

Please note that I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding the treatment I've received from CSN. I will withdraw this complaint and consider the matter satisfactorily settled if CSN will reimburse me for the restocking and shipping charges, which I estimate to be $100.

I would appreciate it if you or another responsible party at CSN with decision-making authority would contact me regarding this matter as soon as possible. Thank you.